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All About Ase'-Ye' Essentials

Where It All Began

Ase'-Ye' Essentials (Pronounced AH-Say YAY) was founded by beautyprenuer, Saiye' Pierre. DIY projects became obsessive when she wanted to experiment with all of the ingredients she learned about from research, being a product junkie, and reading a few apothecary books. Less is more is a popular saying, but it became a standard when the ingredient list on simple products became too much to settle for. There are strong results from things made from earth, so why not promote that.  What started out as a passion project over the years has become a reality. Organic skincare is not only about shortening the ingredient list, but being aware of the sources we have around us. 

The name was derived from the Yoruba word ASE (AH-SHAY), which means "the power to make things happen". Given the unique pronunciation, Saiye' decided to associate that with her name, while still holding the original meaning to heart. 

Our mission here at Ase'-Ye' Essentials is to provide products that evoke an ever lasting self love experience. It is important for everyone to create personal journey's around activities such as "self care sunday's", with products that have the power to make things happen. 

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